A world trade center at the center of the world!

Business used to just pass through Panama.

Now it’s run from there!

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In 2007, Panama’s legislature passed a package of corporate tax, labor and immigration benefits that have

led 175 multinationals to establish regional headquarters in Panama, accounting for $1.2 billion

in investment. In a sequel of sorts, in February, Panama enacted a second set of rules that

extended those benefits from headquarters operations to manufacturing facilities.


The global trade outlook has clouded in recent years, as tensions have grown between the U.S.

and China and various disasters have disrupted supply chains. As a protective measure, more

global companies are nearshoring—moving manufacturing closer to places where

the goods will be sold.

In February, Panama enacted regulations for the new Manufacturing Services for

Multinationals regime, locally known as EMMA, “to take advantage of the nearshoring trend,”

says Minister Martinez. EMMA brings the tax, labor and immigration benefits of SEM to

global manufacturers, and eligible companies are exempt from taxes, fees and

import duties on all goods and raw materials.



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